Immersive Language Learning Game ‘Influent’ Comes to iOS on October 20th

Three Flip Studios brought the immersive language learning game Influent to Steam a few years ago and it is finally coming to iOS later this month. Influent will support more than 20 languages and lets you interact with various everyday objects in a virtual world to learn the languages. There will be mini-games to test your knowledge as well. The base version will be released for free and it includes French, Italian, and Korean. Other languages will be available for $3.99 each. The iOS version of Influent includes a new progress tracking system, Discord integration, new languages, and support for German debuting through this iOS version. Watch the Influent trailer below:

Influent launches on October 20th. The App Store page for it will be available here soon. Influent includes English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Swedish, Latin, European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Hindi, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, and Welsh support (as additional purchases over the free languages mentioned above). Check out Influent on Steam here and head over to the official website for more information. Have you tried out the free version of Influent on Steam yet?

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