‘Guns don’t kill people, Alec Baldwin kills people’: Donald Trump Jr. reignites feud with liberal actor with sarcastic T-shirt

The accidental on-set killing of a cinematographer by long-time Donald Trump critic Alec Baldwin has not escaped the eldest son of the 45th president, who used it to make a new addition to his politically-charged fashion line.

The shirt, apparently mocking the anti-Trump, pro-gun control actor in the wake of the accidental shooting, was unveiled by Donald Trump Jr. on Monday. The piece of clothing, available at his official shop for $27.99, comes with a rather blunt slogan “Guns don’t kill people, Alec Baldwin kills people.”

The latest addition to the fashion line was promoted by Trump Jr. in a Telegram post with a doctored picture showing Baldwin donning the shirt.

On Friday, Baldwin killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured Joel Souza, the director of ‘Rust’, the movie they were shooting, while allegedly practicing a scene with what he thought was a harmless “cold gun.” The gun turned out to be loaded.

Coming in the wake of the tragedy, the jab at Baldwin has received a rather mixed reception, with critics accusing Trump Jr. of going way too low with the T-shirt, which they branded tacky and distasteful.

Trump Jr., however, was apparently ready to receive negative feedback on his new piece of merchandise. In a follow-up Instagram post, he defended the shirt, insisting he was within his rights to joke about the accident.

“For those who are out there doing the fake sanctimony about leaving Alec Baldwin alone let’s all remember that Alec Baldwin would be the first person pissing on everyone’s grave if the shoes were on the other foot. Screw him!” he wrote.

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Vigil for cinematographer Halyna Hutchins in Albuquerque. © Reuters / Kevin Mohatt
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The feud between Baldwin and the Trumps goes back a long way. A prominent gun-control advocate and long-standing critic of former president Donald Trump, the actor not only played a parody of Trump on Saturday Night Live, but also compared his policies to those of Nazi Germany’s leadership. Baldwin’s accidental shooting has been openly cheered by the pro-Trump crowd, with supporters of the former US president rushing to poke fun at his expense.

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