‘Fantasy Life Online’ from Level-5 Is Getting a Global Release through Boltrend Games, Closed Beta Test Announced

Back in 2018, Level-5 released Fantasy Life Online for iOS and Android in Japan. Fantasy Life Online is a follow-up to the amazing Nintendo 3DS game Fantasy Life. Fantasy Life is one of my favourite and most-played games on that platform, so I was hoping we’d get a global release for Fantasy Life Online. I know many people were disappointed by Fantasy Life Online not being a console game, but I’m still hopeful for it. Over the weekend, Boltrend Games announced (via Gematsu) that it is bringing Fantasy Life Online to the West. Boltrend Games have brought over many Japanese games to the West over the years like Disgaea RPG and Arc the Lad R. Fantasy Life Online looks to continue the Nintendo 3DS game’s MMO-lite feel with the charming art and memorable music. Check out Shaun’s hands-on with the game from TGS 2018 here. Watch the Fantasy Life Online Japanese gameplay trailer below:

Fantasy Life Online in the West will have a closed beta available in Canada, Malaysia, Finland, and Australia from October 28th until November 5th. Data from this closed beta will be erased after it concludes but money spent during the beta will be refunded in double in the upcoming open beta. Check out the official Western Fantasy Life Online website from Boltrend Games here and the official Facebook page here. If you’d like to play the original Japanese version, you need to make a Japanese iTunes account. Here’s a guide on how to make an iTunes account for another region which is even useful for soft launched games. Fantasy Life Online is now available for free on both iOS and Android in Japan.

[Source: Gematsu]

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