‘Call of Duty Mobile’ Season 9 “Nightmare” Brings Under Siege Zombie Mode and More Tomorrow

It is Halloween season in all sorts of mobile games, and yes that includes Call of Duty Mobile with the arrival of the Season 9 update this week. In fact, Season 9 is titled Nightmare because it’s soooo spoooooky. The flagship spooky feature is the return of Undead Siege, which is more or less the Zombies mode from Calls of Duty past and was resurrected back back at the end of July as part of Season 6. Well, now it’s back again and it’s all Halloween’ed out. It’ll drop you and some friends into the Isolated Battle Royale map and task you with fighting off hordes of the undead, with some special Halloween easter eggs for you to discover peppered throughout.

Alongside the return of Undead Siege there will also be two new Season 9 maps: Halloween Standoff makes its return and the Hovec Sawmill map from Modern Warfare makes its debut in Call of Duty Mobile. There’s also a new multiplayer mode called Drop Zone which was first introduced in Modern Warfare 3 that sees teams battling for control of special drop zone areas that rotate throughout the map. And as always there’s plenty more, like a new Trick or Treat event, special unlocks themed around the SAW horror film franchise, and of course an entirely new Battle Pass filled with all sorts of goodies. Season 9: Nightmare will kick off in Call of Duty Mobile at 5PM Pacific Time tomorrow, October 20th.

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