WATCH: Ukrainian bare-knuckle brawler explains bizarre delayed KO after he collapsed with rival nowhere near him

A Mahatch FC bare-knuckle fighter has thanked fans for their concern after he collapsed during a recent fight, explaining how he seemingly spontaneously lost consciousness.

Numerous fight fans highlighted concerning footage from the recent Mahatch FC event in Kiev during which Anatoly Malysh, known as Tolik, collapsed to the ground during the bout despite footage appearing to show that his opponent, Anatoly 'TT' Savenko, hadn't landed a punch for several seconds.

In the clip, Tolik is shown engaging in a brief exchange of blows with his opponent before they separate - but just as it seems Tolik is set to launch another assault on his foe he dramatically falls backwards to the floor, losing consciousness in the process and prompting immediate concern from the referee and the commentary team. 

The clip showing Tolik's collapse subsequently went viral and led to numerous combat sports fans issuing messages of support to the fallen fighter, with many of them under the assumption that Tolik had potentially suffered a traumatic brain injury earlier in the fight.

But according to Tolik himself in a newly-released social media video, he has undergone a battery of medical tests and says that the reason for him hitting the deck in the fight was because of what was translated as "excitement".

Over to you, Tolik.

"Hello everyone! My name is Tolik," he said in a video released by Mahatach's social media channels.

"A few days ago on the Mahatch channel was posted my fight versus Anatoly Savenko in which I lost consciousness with excitement in the first round.

"Right away I want to say thank you to everyone who worried about my health. I had a thorough medical check. My health is fine. In that fight emotions have prevailed.

"At the moment, I continue to train hard and I am completely ready for revenge, because the boxing lesson is not over yet!"

The original Russian appears to have been run through Google translate, with a more fitting translation of Tolik's words perhaps being "worry" or "anxiousness".    

Mahatch FC has surged in popularity in recent months as one of the latest organizations to have launched following the surge of interest in bare-knuckle boxing.

Its bouts typically take place in a small circle enclosed by bales of hay, with fighters often wearing casual clothes such as jeans in fights.

The upstart fight league held its highest profile fight to date in July when undefeated Ukrainian professional boxer and former Olympian Denys Berinchyk battled former UFC star and Conor McGregor training partner Artem Lobov under the Mahatch banner.

Berinchyk was declared the winner when Lobov failed to answer the call to fifth and final round of their fight. 

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