‘Steam Highwayman: Smog & Ambuscade’ is a New Gamebook from Cubus Games Launching September 30th

Cubus Games have released a number of interesting gamebooks on mobile for a number of years now, including titles such as Heavy Metal Thunder and The Frankenstein Wars. Now at the end of this month they’ll be adding another to their catalogue with a new interactive story called Steam Highwayman: Smog & Ambuscade. That title is actually very descriptive as the story takes place in an alternate version of 19th century England where steampunk technology rules the day and you play as the mysterious highwayman traveling the lands and determining your fate through choice-based dialogue and character management.

Steam Highwayman bills itself as an open-world adventure and features more than 1,000 different passages to venture down. Will you be a benevolent traveler and help out those you encounter, giving you the warm and fuzzies on your insides? Or will you take advantage of every situation you can to line your own pockets at the expense of others. Or perhaps you’ll just mind your own and live for whatever adventures come your way. The options are practically endless. Steam Highwayman: Smog & Ambuscade will clock in at a price of around $5 and is launching on September 30th.

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