‘Rob Riches’ is a New Puzzler Heading to PC and Mobile, Free Demo Coming During Steam Next Fest

Developer Megapop Games, who you might be familiar with by way of their Trolls vs Vikings series of tower defense games or perhaps their hacker-themed deck builder Haxity on PC, is getting ready to launch a new puzzler on PC and mobile and you’ll actually be able to try it out for yourself this Friday. The game is called Rob Riches and it’s a very clever looking block-style puzzler similar to something like Sokoban. The titular Rob Riches is searching through an ancient temple collecting all the treasure he can find, literally robbing the temple of its riches, the rascal. Each room in this temple will have a series of pushable blocks, switches, and many other hazards and gizmos which you’ll need to manipulate in just the right way in order to collect all the coins and open up the exit to move on to the next room. Here is a trailer showing off just a few of the levels in Rob Riches.

While this certainly isn’t the first (or last) of this type of puzzle game to grace mobile device screens, what stuck out to me about Rob Riches in that trailer is that this doesn’t seem like it will be a pushover of a game at all. There’s some seriously complex logic to work out in these levels and I’m all about it. The goal is to release Rob Riches on PC in October with the mobile version following in November, but if you have a PC handy you can actually check the game out for yourself later this week. Steam Next Fest kicks off this Friday and Megapop will be offering a free demo of Rob Riches on the game’s Steam page, as well as doing a live playthrough during that time. It’ll be worth checking out, but even if you don’t do the whole Steam thing you can still keep an eye out for the full release of Rob Riches on mobile sometime in November.

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