Make elections attractive again: Popular Russian Instagram influencer launches VOTING PAGEANT as country heads to polls (PHOTOS)

As Russians go to the polls to elect their new parliament this weekend, one Instagram influencer in the southern city of Krasnodar has decided to steam up the process, announcing an online photo contest dubbed ‘Miss Elections.’

Blogger Alina Morozova came up with the election beauty pageant on Friday. Suggesting that the women of her region were “the most beautiful,” as well as “smart and cheerful,” she offered prizes for any female posters over 18 who helped show “how attractive an election in Krasnodar can be” by taking a snap of themselves at a polling station.

Morozova, who boasts some 537,000 followers on her Instagram account, limited the contest to the Krasnodar Region, adding a hashtag with the regional numeric code.

“No election campaigning allowed,” she warned, asking participants to only show off themselves, and not their chosen candidates.

“Let’s show Russian men that they are lucky to be surrounded by such beauty,” the blogger wrote in her post, which has attracted over 4,500 likes.

The winners were promised five vouchers for a beauty shopping spree for each of the three voting days.

While the online contest sparked some interest on Instagram, turnout at polling stations in the region has been fairly high, with 43.2% of voters having cast their ballots by Saturday night. The figure is higher than the national equivalent, which stood at just over 31.5% before the last day of voting began.

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