‘I wasn’t doing it to be a meme’, protests boxing boss Hearn before ‘Blonde Bomber’ strips to her lingerie at new weigh-in (VIDEO)

Boxing supremo Eddie Hearn has protested that he did his best not to cop a ribbing from fans over a boxer who teases viewers by wearing lingerie at weigh-ins – and the stunner duly stripped off again ahead of her latest fight.

In the build-up to her TKO win over Bec Connolly last month, Ebanie 'Blonde Bomber' Bridges tickled fans with a string of memes that caught promoter Eddie Hearn looking up at the ceiling and appearing to do all he could not to check her out in her underwear.

Never one to tone things down, the 34-year-old donned another lingerie set on Friday, even bending over in front of Hearn to pick up her clothing after standing on the scales for her fight on Saturday against a much stronger opponent in Mailys Gangloff.

And while she didn't share a photo of that particular moment, Bridges again teased the happily married man on Twitter with one photo of him watching on – or rather, trying not to.

"I suppose the best way to not get busted looking, Eddie Hearn, is to close your eyes and pray," she quipped, tagging the Essex native with a pair of eyes and a laughing emoji.

Speaking before the fight, good-humored Hearn lamented his struggle to avoid becoming a meme magnet.

"The situation is, when there are so many cameras around, one glance anywhere and it's viral," the 42-year-old told IFL.

"So what I thought is, I'll just look up there [straight ahead], and then that went viral as well.

"I just think I'll wear sunglasses or something like that. The worst thing about the last one is I wasn't doing it intentionally to be a meme.

"I thought it didn't look too bad – but when you got the pictures, it looked dreadful."

It all seemed fun and games between Bridges (6-1) and Gangloff (5-2), with Hearn putting the extroverted Australian on his third Matchroom show in four months following her valiant effort for the WBA strap aganst Shannon Courtenay in April.

The adversaries will do battle on the undercard of former featherweight champion Josh Warrington's revenge match against game Mexican Mauricio Lara, who earned a shock stoppage against him in February.

By making her way to the ring tomorrow, Bridges fulfills what appears to be a childhood dream by fighting at Elland Road – the home of Premier League club Leeds.

A self-proclaimed Whites fan, Bridges took to Instagram to show off pictures of herself stepping on the hallowed turf at the club's stadium for the benefit of her 244,000 fans.

The 34-year-old also waved a Leeds scarf at the press conference and wore lingerie in the club colors of white and blue.

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Aussie boxer Bridges will be back in action this weekend. © Getty Images / Twitter
Boxing boss Hearn desperately tries not to sneak peek at 'Blonde Bomber' Bridges in lingerie weigh-in (VIDEO)

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