Female football presenter claims players target women over their ‘boobs and ass’ on air as she appeals to them to ‘remain human’

A Ukrainian football reporter has asked why players "have the right to insult journalists" on air after one of her colleagues was allegedly sworn at by a national team defender.

Glamorous Valeria Suchkova, who describes herself as a PR specialist and presents a weekly football program, has clearly been enraged by the treatment of fellow reporter Oleg Yaschuk, who was reportedly subjected to obscene language by Shakhtar Donetsk defender Yukhym Konoplya after Ukraine played Czech Republic on Wednesday.

Unimpressed Suchkova has questioned the attitude of stars who are rude to reporters, raising the topic with her thousands of Instagram followers after Yashchuk brought up his experience on air.

"Many have written [to me] and called me about this," the selfie-loving anchor is quoted as saying by Tribuna. "Some agreed with this, some did not.

"Many people asked me why Oleg was saying this on the air at all. If something doesn't suit you, you can just write or call and express your opinion.

"I am interested in one question: why do some footballers have the right to f*cking insult journalists on air?

"Why do some footballers have the right to touch female journalists on their boobs and ass on the air, but we cannot say everything as it is? We didn't make anything up – we said everything as it is."

Suchkova was at Kiev's Olympiyskiy for interim Ukraine manager Oleksandr Petrakov's first home match in charge earlier this month, when his side drew 1-1 with France as part of a curious run of five draws from five matches in their Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifying campaign.

"Journalists and footballers are one team. We need you, you need us. And that's okay," she pointed out.

"We must be alert, in touch and co-operate all the time. Yes, I agree that there are times when we [contact] you at the wrong time.

"But you can just say normally, humanly: 'Sorry. Now is not the time. Come a little later.'

[Or say,] 'Excuse me, please. Let's do it a little later or another day.' First of all, we must all remain human."

The fashion fan admitted that she was missing her work during lockdown, sharing a photo of herself with Brendan Rodgers, the manager of Premier League side Leicester.

A passionate Ukraine supporters, she posed in her nation's shirt and expressed her excitement ahead of their Euro 2020 campaign, which ended when they were knocked out by England in the quarterfinals.

When she turned 20 in February, Suchkova told her fans: "I am a confident, beautiful girl. I am the queen, as my mother taught me.

"I have a favorite job, I have a favorite hobby, I have favorite friends, I have close people, I have parents. I have a goal in life and I go for it."

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