Ex-con former UFC fighter ‘being held on $1.385MN bail’ over ‘felony domestic violence charge against a woman’ in Los Angeles

A fighter who faced stars including ex-champion Georges St-Pierre during his time in the UFC has reportedly been placed on a huge bail fee over an alleged domestic violence felony against a woman in Los Angeles.

Troubled Jason Miller, whose nickname is 'Mayhem', is in custody after cops received an emergency call in the small hours of Friday morning by a woman who was screaming down the phone, according to a report.

The caller had visible marks on her face and neck when police arrived and arrested Miller following a struggle in which they were forced to taser the 40-year-old, TMZ has reported.

The outlet claims that maverick Miller is in custody with bail set at $1.385 million after being taken to hospital following the alleged ruckus.

Miller is said to have already been awaiting a separate sentencing decision after copping 364 days in jail and two years' probation for felony vandalism and attempted grand theft.

That came less than two years after he landed a year-long sentence, having pleaded guilty to felony vandalism and misdemeanor violation of a protective order, when he was again in jail for a separate vandalism charge.

His array of previous arrests and charges include vandalism, being drunk under the influence, alleged assault of police officers, battery and trespassing.

Miller earned a four-year suspended sentence and three years' probation after pleading guilty to domestic violence in 2017.

He was charged with assault and false imprisonment when he refused to release his sister from a headlock at a party in 2011 and has also live-tweeted the arrival of a police team who attended his home for a domestic violence warrant.

Miller had a highly respectable MMA career before his numerous brushes with the law, winning 28 of his 39 professional fights and only being beaten by UFC legends Chael Sonnen and St-Pierre on decisions.

The former Sport and Superbrawl champion lost to CB Dollaway at UFC 152 in 2012 in his penultimate fight, returning for one last scrap four years later when he lost on another promotion.

In a public statement in June, Miller denied reports that he was in jail, claiming he had been released while insisting he felt "better than I ever have".

“Before now, I didn’t have the strength to admit my issues with substance abuse and mental health," he told his social media following of more than 45,000.

"My hope is that by saying this publicly – being honest about my struggles as I overcome them to reach my full potential – perhaps I can inspire others who may also be struggling to reach theirs, no matter the odds.

"Now that it’s out in the open, there’s no going back, I’m not just accountable to myself, but also all to of you.

“I have a support system that cares only about my well being and helping me succeed.

"I am excited to be back doing what I love; working with the fighters of tomorrow. I don’t expect your forgiveness but I hope to earn back your trust."

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