Cancel culture victim Carano accused of spouting ‘dumb sh*t’ after she compares vaccine passports to the start of the HIV epidemic

Actress and former MMA fighter Gina Carano, who was axed from a Disney TV series over conservative social media posts, has stirred controversy again by drawing a parallel between vaccine passports and the HIV epidemic.

Hugely popular Carano was at the center of a scandal in February when she was abruptly dropped by LucasFilm, losing her role in hit 'The Mandalorian' and the 'Star Wars' series after she supposedly likened being a Republican in the US to being Jewish during the holocaust.

That incident has not seen the 39-year-old pin-up relent on voicing her strong views, often backed by her legion of fans who believe that she has been one of the most high-profile victims of cancel culture amid a politically-charged climate in the US that often sees celebrities pilloried for offering opinions on social media.

Now Carano, who is continuing her acting career alongside frequent warnings that the US is "surrendering freedoms" over healthcare measures during the Covid pandemic, has spoken out again.

"Imagine it's 1981 and the government has mandated that all LGBTQ people have to show papers proving they aren't HIV positive or they won't be allowed on planes, into concerts or to dine at restaurants," a message to her millions of online followers read. "Read that again."

Little was known about HIV and AIDS in 1981, when it was justifiably viewed as a terrifying new infection after more than 100 people in the US died from it. By the end of the next decade, millions had died from AIDS, which had become the fourth biggest cause of death worldwide.

Carano's curious comparison, though, was received with significant bemusement given the notable differences between Covid and AIDS.

"Not the same thing, Gina," pointed out one reader. "HIV/AIDS spread specifically through fluid transfer.

"Covid can survive in the air for three hours and can be contracted just by breathing – hence the masks. Have a great day."

Another less reserved respondent fired back: "No. But I can imagine a world In which my favorite actors stop ruining my excitement for the Mandalorian by saying dumb sh*t."

In a nod to the support Carano has received from her loyal faithful during a difficult year, they then added: "We fans saved you. Don't make us regret it."

The Muay Thai specialist was not without supporters who agreed with the more general point about rights during the pandemic, with some warning that unvaccinated people are being "dehumanized" and "demonized" for not being able to show proof of being jabbed in order to access certain services and places.

The topic has been a hot one in the US, where bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger was blasted and lost sponsors last month for publicly telling people to "screw your freedoms" in favor of what he sees as the greater good of reducing transmissions.

"Damn trolls, Gina – always people trolling you," said one of Carano's devotees. "If they don't like what you say, I don't know why they go out of their way to comment.

"It's like their life revolves around waiting for your tweets in order for them to have their fame. God bless you, sister. Much love."

Critics of Dr Anthony Fauci, the Chief Medical Advisor to president Joe Biden whose views on Covid are contentious to some, observed that he was also at the forefront of the response to the AIDS epidemic.

Most seemed confused by Carano's post. "Wow, talk about an odd perspective," said an onlooker.

"One is a disease that isn’t transmitted like a cold, has available vaccines and the other doesn’t transmit like that and has no vaccine. Let’s try another comparison, shall we?"

Another reacted: "OK, I read it again and I’m still confused. Do you think HIV is transmissible via airborne particles? Because it’s not."

Carano went on to share footage from a purported protest against mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports that took place in New York's Times Square on Saturday.

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