‘Absolutely diabolical’ or just no-nonsense? English club’s job ad sparks row after telling applicants to forget work-life balance

An English football club has been widely condemned online for publishing a 'passive aggressive' job advertisement where it blasted those seeking a healthy work-life balance.

AFC Fylde in Lancashire currently top the sixth-tier National League North and seek "a General Manager to work directly alongside the Director of Football" who will "currently report directly to the Chairman".

The post was advertised on a Jobs In Football website, but the alarming details of the role's description quickly filtered to the rest of the internet. 

"This is a 'hands-on role' and requires hands-on leadership from the front so 'delegators' and 'office dwellers' please don't apply," began the most-widely discussed part.

"If not already apparent, we are not a Premiership club and therefore every penny and every fan has to be fought for and respected. You will need to be proactive in your approach to everything.

"We work hard at Fylde so again don't apply if you are looking for 'a work-life balance' or have to pick the kids up from school twice a week at 3.30," it finished.

In no time, the post spread across social media and scathing reactions followed.

"AFC Fylde, you been hacked?" the club were tagged and asked. 

"Or [do you] just openly promote discrimination?"

"Is this legal?" was another valid question.

"Just advertising for a workaholic with no family ties it appears.

"Let's face it, if a candidate sent in their CV and it shows children of school age they will automatically be discounted anyway based on their profile. Saves someone wasting their time," came one reply to that.

"Nice discrimination by AFC Fylde for this job role!," started another party. 

"[It] basically rules parents and others out..maybe the person that wrote the advert needs an attitude change."

"I think it is women they are specifically trying to rule out," was another conclusion.

"Such a poorly written advert," a female user set off with, in her criticism.

"Oh and FYI..it's been proven time and time again that flexible working gets better results from people. Implying that those who require it don't work hard is shocking. Welcome to 2021."

"Absolutely diabolical - what century do you live in?" Flyde were asked once more.

"Certainly not a good advert for a great place to work or somewhere for talented, hard-working candidates to consider. This ad will completely backfire and the best candidates will give you a wide berth. Shocking."

As it was "really" hoped that Fylde receive "zero applicants for this role", the job advertisement remains in its original format while the minnows are yet to respond to the scandal.

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