Referee arrested after ‘firing gun’ at match in Oklahoma following disagreement with player over red card

A referee was arrested after a football game in Oklahoma City descended into chaos last weekend, according to reports. Following a disagreement over a call, a gunshot was fired and police had to be rushed in to attend the melee.

The incident occurred at the Pauls Valley Sports Complex this past Sunday.

According to local police chief Mitch McGill, one of the players did not agree with a call made by match official Davi Bazeth.

"The referee pulled what’s called a red card and the guy didn’t take it well," explained McGill.

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Reports say that the player and Bazeth engaged in a brief argument before the former party then tried to snatch the red card out of Bazeth's hand and take it away from him, which resulted in a shoving match.

Yet that didn't last long as things quickly took a sour turn.

"The referee then ran from the soccer field to his vehicle, removed a weapon and fired one shot towards the crowd" McGill stated.

Law enforcement was contacted immediately, with Bazeth, as police assistant Chief Derrick Jolley added, "pointing the handgun in the general direction of the player and others" before firing a round.

Bazeth attempted to flee before the cops showed up but didn't get far.

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"Our officers while responding were able to intercept him as he was leaving the field and was able to make the arrest," said McGill, as Jolley confirmed a firearm was recovered.

Bazeth now faces gun charges for pointing a weapon with intent to injure, yet is temporarily a free man as he posted bail shortly after being apprehended. 

Police report documents show that the 25-year-old player was documented for assault and battery after pushing the referee, but wasn't arrested.

Bazeth was taken in and charged with felony pointing of a firearm - which carries a sentence of anything up to 10 years behind bars - and was due to be arraigned on Friday.

McGill insisted that this kind of incident is "very odd" in the area, which doesn't "have a lot of shootings" - especially not at soccer games.

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