Several rockets hit Afghanistan’s Kandahar airport amid ongoing Taliban assault - reports

An airport in Afghanistan's Kandahar has come under a rocket attack, forcing cancellations of all flights, as fighting intensified on the outskirts of the city with Taliban seeking to recapture its former stronghold.

At least three rockets were launched towards Ahmad Shah Baba International Airport (KDH) on Sunday, with two of the projectiles hitting the runaway, airport chief Massoud Pashtun said, as cited by AFP.

The reported strike resulted in damage to the runaway, bringing the aiport's operation to a halt. Both outbound and inbound flights were cancelled, but are expected to resume later in the day, the official said.

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The attack comes as Taliban has ramped up its offensive on the capital of southern Kandahar province, considered the birthplace of the Islamist movement. The group has been going through a resurgence, having gained swathes of territory after the US troops left Bagram Air Base, its main airfield in the country, in early July.


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