Huge Museum Expansion Heading to ‘A Monster’s Expedition’ on Apple Arcade and ‘Sokobond’ Coming to Mobile in 2022

Earlier today Draknek & Friends, known for such stellar games as A Good Snowman is Hard to Build, Cosmic Express, and their achingly beautiful upcoming collaboration with Corey Martin Bonfire Peaks, held their very own real-deal direct video showcase highlighting some of their plans for the future. These developer video showcases have become all the rage in the pandemic-stricken world these past couple of years as live events have been put on pause, and personally I’m all for them as they’re often information dense, to the point, and I don’t even have to get off my couch. Draknek’s showcase today came in at a breezy six and a half minutes, but was packed with a lot of cool announcements. At such a short length I’ll just go ahead and embed the entire thing here as it’s totally worth the watch, but I’ll go through the relevant-to-mobile stuff down below too.

First off is a big expansion to A Monster’s Expedition, which launched on Apple Arcade and desktop back in September of last year. It stars the very same monster from A Good Snowman is Hard to Build and features similar-style logic puzzles, though rather than pushing snowballs around to build up a snowman here you’re pushing over trees and rolling around logs to create paths between hundreds of tiny islands which feature exhibits that teach you about the culture of humanity through a very cynical and humorous lens. It is freaking great, and now the Museum Expansion, the game’s first major content update since launch, will bring more than 100 new islands and new exhibits to the game for free. The update will launch on August 5th alongside the game’s debut on the Nintendo Switch.

Speaking of Switch, Draknek is bringing the rest of their library to Nintendo’s handheld hybrid as well. Sokobond, A Good Snowman is Hard to Build, and Cosmic Express will all arrive on Switch on September 2nd. And speaking of Sokobond (these announcements sure do segue into each other nicely, don’t they?), Draknek has confirmed that their classic puzzler will finally be making its way to mobile in 2022. Out of all the titles they’ve released on mobile over the years, this one feels like it was destined to be a mobile game, but for whatever reason it has never materialized even though the original PC version came out nearly a decade ago. Well, next year is our year, Sokobond fans. Here’s the game’s trailer in case you aren’t familiar with what it’s all about.

Wrapping up the rest of the very brief direct was an extended look at Bonfire Peaks from creator Cory Martin, which looks absolutely incredible and is launching September 30th on Switch, PlayStation, and desktop, but sadly there is no indication it’s ever coming to mobile. My fingers are crossed however and, lack of mobile plans aside, it’s a game very much worth your attention if you like video games that look amazing. Which I do. And you should too. And finally to cap off the show Draknek announced a brand new title called Sokobond Express, which is the brainchild of José Hernández and is a mashup of both Sokobond and Cosmic Express. Holy moly, what an awesome idea! Sadly this one has not been officially announced as coming to mobile either, but I’d have to guess there’s a good possibility that it eventually will. Again my fingers are crossed.

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