‘Guild of Dungeoneering Ultimate Edition’ is a Remastered Release of the Unique 2015 Card-Based Dungeon Crawler

During the Guerrilla Collective digital games festival this past weekend, developer Gambrinous announced Guild of Dungeoneering Ultimate Edition, a revamped and enhanced version of their unique 2015 turn-based dungeon crawler/card battler mashup. To back things up, the original Guild of Dungeoneering was a very interesting take on a few different well-worn genres. It was a dungeon crawler sure, but you didn’t actually control the crawlers themselves. Instead you influenced their actions and movements by placing down cards and kind of building the dungeon itself. When you came into contact with enemies you had a bit more control over the action, but combat too was based on a card battling type of concept. There was really nothing quite like Guild of Dungeoneering when it released, and it felt especially at home on the touchscreen when it made its way to mobile in the summer of 2016. Despite some quirks, we really enjoyed the mobile version in our review from back then. You can get a good idea of what the game is like in this new trailer for the Ultimate Edition release.

As that trailer indicates, and as the Ultimate Edition title suggests, this new version will include all of the previously released expansion packs as well as feature new quests, monsters, classes, weapons, and loot, all in one shiny new package. While Guild of Dungeoneering received some pretty big content updates following its release, the mobile version has remained untouched for quite a while, so a refreshed version will be very welcome. What’s not totally clear is how exactly this refreshed version will be delivered to existing customers. Brand new app? Update to the existing app? Something else? Over on Twitter Gambrinous says they’ll be explaining how it will all work soon but whatever they decide “will be really good for current owners." It also should be noted that no platforms have been explicitly confirmed for Guild of Dungeoneering Ultimate Edition. Desktop seems a lock, and mobile platforms seem likely as well, but it would also be very cool to see the game come to consoles. For now just enjoy the trailer and look forward to some more information on this Ultimate Edition hopefully in the near future.

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