Umbrella is Announced as the Next New Playable ‘Skullgirls’ Character

Developer Hidden Variable rocked the Skullgirls world when they announced in February of last year that an entirely brand new playable character would be arriving in Skullgirls on mobile in 2020, the first brand new character to be added to the Skullgirls universe in almost 5 years. That it would be debuting first in the mobile iteration of the game rather than the console or PC version was also quite a surprise. As we found out the following August, Annie of the Stars, a character from the periphery of the Skullgirls universe, was that new playable character, and she made her debut in Skullgirls on mobile in October and is currently in beta on PC with a console arrival set for sometime after.

Yes, the entire saga surrounding Annie’s addition to the Skullgirls games was an exciting one indeed, and it was so exciting in fact that Hidden Variable has decided to do it all over again! This past February, nearly a year to the day after the original new character announcement that resulted in Annie, Hidden Variable once again teased that another new playable character was in the works, and today is finally the day that new character is being unveiled. And it is none other than… Umbrella!

Like Annie of the Stars, Umbrella is a character that already exists in the larger Skullgirls universe, and also like Annie she was previously considered as a future playable character as part of one of the Skullgirls crowdfunding campaigns a number of years ago. Also, storyline-wise, she is the younger sister of Parasoul, and like her sister’s umbrella-shaped living weapon Krieg, Umbrella wields an umbrella-shaped living weapon of her own named Hungern. Umbrella will be the second character included in the new Season Pass available in the PC version of the game, with the first character being Annie who as mentioned is available now in early access. The Season Pass also leaves space for TWO more new characters to come in 2022. We will of course keep our eyes out for any further details about Umbrella’s arrival in both the mobile and console/PC versions of Skullgirls in the coming weeks and months.

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