TouchArcade Game of the Week: ‘Divinity: Original Sin 2’

This is likely a first in the history of the Game of the Week, but this week’s pick is Larian Studio’s incredible iPad port of their hit RPG Divinity: Original Sin 2 ($24.99), and it’s a game that… I have not played yet. You see this is a demanding game and has probably some of the strictest hardware requirements that I’ve ever seen, and I just don’t currently own an iPad that is capable of running the game.

Normally, I would never recommend something I haven’t played firsthand myself, but in this case Mikhail has been enjoying a pre-release copy of Divinity for more than a week, and has been thoroughly impressed with the iPad conversion so far. I feel confident in his impressions of the game, and the sheer noteworthiness of an iPad version of such a highly regarded and recent PC/console game shoots this bad boy right into Game of the Week territory.

The last time I can remember feeling so impressed with such a “heavy" game making its way to mobile was back when Feral brought Codemasters’ excellent GRID Autosport in late 2017, only about 3.5 years after its console and PC debut. In this case Divinity: Original Sin 2 first launched on PC in September of 2017, with console versions coming about a year later.

That puts it at about the same span of time as GRID’s original release and its mobile conversion, but for some reason Divinity feels like it’s in a whole different league in terms of being impressive compared to GRID. That’s before taking into account that the iPad version retains the game’s cooperative aspect and is effectively rendering the game twice on the same screen during split-screen co-op play. It seriously boggles my mind.

So yeah, despite not playing it myself just yet, I’m going to go ahead and say that Divinity: Original Sin 2 is an easy recommendation if you have the hardware to handle it. Currently that seems to be any iPad Pro from 2018 or later, or last year’s new iPad Air. Not a long list, to be sure. If you haven’t already be sure to read Mikhail’s initial impressions of the game here and we should also have a full review coming in the near future.

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