The Huge ‘Death Road to Canada’ LIVER Update Hits iOS This Thursday Bringing in a Plethora of New Content and Fixes

Rocketcat Games and Madgarden’s fantastic road trip zombie apocalypse simulator Death Road to Canada ($14.99) is set to get another huge update in the form of the LIVER update that arrives this Thursday on iOS. The LIVER update as detailed on the Steam news page for the PC version (that was updated in March), includes new special characters, a few new locations, new random characters, custom character cosmetics, more unlockable hats, a new perk, a new trait and much more. Rocketcat Games also confirmed that the Android update isn’t coming this Thursday but the excellent Noodlecake should have it out soon after the iOS version. If you’ve not played Death Road to Canada yet, watch the trailer for it below:

If you’d like to see more from the LIVER update to Death Road to Canada, the Steam update page has some GIFs and a list of all the new content including the new Military Depot rare location, arcade machine being added, Fast Learner trait, and more. Death Road to Canada was our Game of the Year last year, and we also awarded it 5 stars in our review and picked it for our Game of the Week upon release. It remains a game I regularly play on Nintendo Switch. If you play Death Road to Canada on iOS, there’s a lot of good stuff hitting the platform this Thursday. Do you still play the game often on any platform or will you be getting back to it on iOS with this update?

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