‘Shame on you’: Israel’s OFFICIAL Twitter account attacks Bella Hadid after model joins pro-Palestinian march in NY

Israel has lashed out at supermodel Bella Hadid after she took part in a pro-Palestinian march in New York, accusing her and other celebrities of advocating “the elimination of the Jewish State.”

Bella Hadid, an American model whose father is Palestinian, made an appearance during a Palestine solidarity march in New York on Saturday. The model then shared footage from the event on Instagram, reiterating her support for the Palestinian cause.

“The way my heart feels… To be around this many beautiful, smart, respectful, loving, kind and generous Palestinians all in one place... it feels whole! We are a rare breed!!” she wrote.

The high-profile protester did not escape the watchful eye of Israel, which attacked her via social media, accusing Hadid of seeking to destroy the Jewish state.

“When celebrities like Bella Hadid advocate for throwing Jews into the sea, they are advocating for the elimination of the Jewish State,” a message on Israel’s official Twitter account reads.

This shouldn’t be an Israeli-Palestinian issue. This should be a human issue 

Israel’s message did not receive a warm reception – its Twitter feed was flooded by pro-Palestinian people as well as Hadid’s fans. Some said the posts targeting the model were not exactly fitting for an official account of a country.

Other critics pointed out that the model never called for “throwing Jews into the sea.”

Israel, however, shot back, explaining that it was referring to Hadid chanting, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!”

The decades-old slogan, commonly used by pro-Palestinian activists, has often been criticized by supporters of Israel. While some see it as a call for freedom and equal rights for Israelis and Palestinians, others consider it a battle cry for the destruction of the Jewish State.

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