RT’s Boom Bust looks at how Facebook is forcing WhatsApp users to accept new data-sharing rules

WhatsApp has instituted its new terms of service policy obligating users who want to continue to use the messenger to allow their data to be collected for advertising.

RT Boom Bust co-host and Investigative journalist Ben Swann breaks down what happens if users refuse to agree to the new terms.

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“If you do not accept WhatsApp’s new terms of service, very slowly, you’re essentially going to lose functionality of your app. Meaning, you’re not going to be able to receive messages, you’re not going to be able to send messages, you’re not going to show up in contact lists, you’re going to lose your contact list,” says Swann.

According to Swann, it will be a slow process that Facebook has instituted to take away those dissenting users' ability to use WhatsApp.

“And the crazy thing about this story is that it’s all about selling ads,” he adds. “So, if you don’t agree to allow data collection, if you don’t allow Facebook to be able to monetize WhatsApp, you’re not allowed to be there.”

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