Jake Paul slams Tommy Fury for fighting no-hopers with 174 defeats between them... and his next opponent has lost all 14 pro bouts

Tyson Fury's brother, Tommy, has taken another savaging off rookie rival Jake Paul over the staggeringly terrible record of the opponents he has faced in his first five fights – and his next foe has a tally that is just as dismal.

Best known for his role on reality TV show 'Love Island' in the UK, heavyweight champion Fury's 22-year-old brother has been in a wearying war of words with Paul, calling him a "p***y" and asking him how he can take himself seriously after beating three debutants in his first three professional fights, two of whom had spent their careers in other sports.

Now Paul has fired back, pointing out that the last man Fury fought – Scott Williams at London's Copper Box – had lost all nine of his encounters and claiming that the overall record of Fury's opponents is 15-250.

YouTube loudmouth Paul occasionally appears to have an uncertain relationship with reality, but that count isn't too far off the truth: a glance at oracular site BoxRec shows that Fury's previous foes had lost 174 times and won only 12 times between them before taking him on.

Ultra-journeyman Jevgenijs Andrejevs, who he made his debut against at the end of 2018, accounts for three of those wins, but had also shown spectacular persistence to keep returning to the ring in accumulating 102 defeats.

Polish pugilist Przemyslaw Binienda, who Fury faced in his third fight, is the only other opponent he has encountered with a win on their record, although the light-heavyweight's two wins were both in 2016 and he is currently on a run of 26 consecutive defeats.

"The desperation is seeping through the pores of the Fury family," said Paul, mocking one of the only men with an arguably more questionable record than his own after his two most recent fights, in which he knocked out ex-NBA star Nate Robinson and former UFC fighter Ben Askren with nonsensical ease.

"It's quite embarrassing. The heavyweight champion of the world [Tyson Fury] is on Instagram talking about Jake Paul, begging me to fight his brother.

"Listen, Tommy: focus on your fight that's in a couple of weeks that nobody even knows about by the way. This clip will be the biggest promotion for your entire f*****g fight."

That stiff test, on June 5 in the UK, will come against Andy Bishop – a veteran whose record does little to justify Fury's outspokenly lofty ambitions in boxing.

Warning: videos contain swearing

The 38-year-old will have been out of the ring for almost 15 months by the time he faces Fury, and has the distinction of having lost all 14 of his previous fights.

"You're literally picking someone to fight you in three weeks who hasn't been training," said Paul. "Fight someone real, do a real PPV, then maybe we can chat.

"You come looking for me in Miami to try and find me in a gym, you known damn well I'm in Puerto Rico. If you want to pull up here, I'll gladly beat the f*** out of you."

Fury has been training with his illustrious brother in the area, taking time out to sit around a table with figures including NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal while sending his warning to Paul.

A fight with the American would certainly raise his profile in the US, where Paul has just inked a deal with Showtime that is likely to have been lucratively, as well as fought on a huge pay-per-view show on the undercard of Mike Tyson's comeback clash with Roy Jones Jr last year.

Fury has appeared on relatively minor events in the UK with a fraction of the viewing figures, leading Paul to tell him to "leave Shaq out of this" and call the group "desperate".

"Tommy, you fight for $100,000," he said. "You have some ladders to climb to get onto my level unfortunately, my friend. I'm not talking about this anymore – peace out, f*** you guys."

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