‘Hatoful Boyfriend’ Is Getting Delisted at the End of the Month on iOS and Android

Hatoful Boyfriend ($4.99) from Mediatonic, Devolver Digital, and Hato Moa was a very surprising experience when I originallt played it a few years ago on PC. It looked like a gag game you’d gift someone on Steam as a joke but ended up being a great otome experience with an emotional story in its proper ending. Hatoful Boyfriend is full of humour but it also has an interesting story to tell through its multiple endings and characters. It finally arrived on mobile across both iOS and Android as a premium release thanks to Devolver Digital back in May 2016 and it is finally being delisted in a few days as revealed by Hato Moa on Twitter due to the publishing agreements on mobile and PlayStation platforms coming to an end. Those who own the game will continue to own it but new purchases will not be possible. If you’ve not played it before, watch the trailer below:

If you’d like to play Hatoful Boyfriend on iOS or Android, you have a few days to buy it. Read Shaun’s glowing review of the iOS version here. I’d definitely recommend getting it on any platform and playing through it if you’re up for a unique experience. Your safest bet is probably going to be getting it on Steam where it will not be delisted though and also because Steam games will always be downloadable even if the game has been long delisted. If you’d like to read some more impressions, head over to our forum thread to see what everyone thought about Hatoful Boyfriend around launch. The sequel/fandisc Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star while not as good as the main game, is still worth it if you enjoyed the main game. It is still available on Steam as well. Check out both the games on Steam here and here. Hatoful Boyfriend is available on iOS and Android for a few days more. Have you played it yet?

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