Eurovision doping scandal? Italian winner rejects claim he snorted COCAINE live during finals

The lead singer of the Italian winners of the Eurovision Song Contest had to defend himself from suspicions of drug use, after he was seen leaning towards a table in a way that viewers found suspicious.

Maneskin lead singer Damiano David’s behavior caught the attention of some people who suggest he was doing cocaine right in the middle of the Eurovision finals in Rotterdam on Saturday.

When asked about the episode during a media conference, a bare-chested David rejected the accusation.

“I don’t use drugs, please guys, do not say that,” David said. “No cocaine, please.”

He said he leaned down, not to get a whiff of anything, but to check on a glass that fellow guitarist Thomas Raggi broke. Glass shards were seen next to where the Italian contestants sat during the event.

Maneskin later posted a statement, saying they were firmly against doing drugs. “We are ready to get tested because we have nothing to hide,” the musicians said. “Rock’n’Roll never dies. We love you.”

The cocaine suspicion apparently rests on a flimsy foundation and, as some commenters said, may be motivated by envy towards the Eurovision winners.

The band, which started its career busking in the streets of Rome, won this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with a total of 529 points, followed by France and Switzerland in second and third place.

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