‘Unbuild’ is Like Jenga and ‘Angry Birds’ Had a Baby, Launching on iOS and Android this Week

Everybody knows the part game Jenga, right? You have a tower made up of rectangular wooden logs, and players each take turns taking one log from the tower at a time, with the goal being to not knock over the entire tower by pulling out a piece. If you’re the unfortunate one who does end up toppling the tower, whether it’s because you pulled out a piece that was too structurally integral or simply due to an unsteady hand, or a combination of both, you’ll lose the game. Ah yes, Jenga is a classic! Now if you applied those same principles to a set of structures that are still simplistic at their core but are a great deal more complex than Jenga’s tower, and made the whole thing a video game, you’d have something like Unbuild from developer Klickaffen Studio. You can get a pretty good idea of what this is like in the following trailer for Unbuild.

So, what does this have to do with Angry Birds? Well, the structures in Unbuild remind me a lot of the type you’d see in the Angry Birds series, using fairly simple rectangles, triangles, and arch pieces to build a variety of different kinds of buildings. One other thing to note is that since Jenga uses all the exact same blocks, deciding which one to remove is entirely based on that block’s position. In Unbuild, since the structures are build using a variety of different shapes, it will determine which block you need to remove next at random which will play into the game’s challenge and what your approach and strategy should be. The full version of Unbuild is set to launch this Wednesday and is available for pre-order right now for just a buck, but there’s also a 2-level demo version you can try right now for free on both iOS or Android to get a taste of what the game is all about.

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