‘Star Wars: KOTOR 2’ Is Discounted for the First Time on iOS and Android

Over the years, there have been many franchises and games that made their way to mobile with premium releases. Looking at Final Fantasy and Star Wars: KOTOR, it seemed like Star Wars: KOTOR 2 and Final Fantasy VIII would never hit iOS and Android a few years ago. Both Star Wars: KOTOR 2 ($14.99) and Final Fantasy VIII Remastered finally arrived on mobile allowing many including myself to fill in the gaps of a collection or bundle. Star Wars: KOTOR 2 was released for $14.99 on iOS and Android from Asypr Media and it has just gotten its first discount today dropping it to around $6.99 depending on your platform and region. If you’d like to read the history of Star Wars: KOTOR 2 on mobile and why it was great to finally see it hit iOS and Android, read this. Watch the trailer for the game below:

I’m not sure how long the discount is going to last but I imagine a lot of Star Wars games will be discounted across platforms for May 4th worldwide. If you haven’t gotten Star Wars: KOTOR 2 on iOS or Android yet, it is available for $6.99 on the App Store here and for $7.49 on Google Play here. The regular price is $14.99. If you aren’t seeing the discount in your region yet, give it a few hours because it has rolled out to most parts of the world already. Before you ask, the cut content mod for Star Wars: KOTOR 2 is doable on mobile. Details for that are here. Make sure to head over to our forum thread for the game here for port discussion, the mod, and more. We featured Star Wars: KOTOR 2 as our Game of the Week when it launched as well. Have you played Star Wars: KOTOR or Star Wars: KOTOR 2 on other platforms or mobile before?

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