Mystical Narrative Adventure Game ‘Grotto’ Coming to iOS, Consoles, and PC

It’s a busy time for Spanish underground video game developer collective Brainwash Gang, as among several of their other projects that are in the works on other platforms, we also announced just yesterday that they’d be partnering up with Raw Fury to bring The Longest Road on Earth to mobile next month. But the gang isn’t done with mobile just yet! This week they’ve also announced they’ll be partnering up with Digerati to bring their incredibly weird and somewhat unsettling narrative adventure Grotto to iOS devices in addition to consoles and PC when it launches in the second half of this year. Grotto is… to be honest, I have no idea how to describe it. You should probably just watch the trailer, though I’m not sure even that will answer any of your questions.

Yeah, this one is an odd duck, for sure. Officially Grotto is described as “a fantasy narrative game that casts players in the role of the Soothsayer – a mysterious hermit who resides in the titular cave and is called upon to read the stars and provide counsel to a primitive tribe." I’m actually pretty intrigued by the whole “reading the stars" mystical stuff, and as I understand it there are many avenues the story can branch out into based on your readings of the stars and how you convey your information to your tribespeople. It all sounds pretty dang neat. Grotto will be launching in either Q3 or Q4 of this year on iOS, consoles, and PC.

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