MSNBC’s Joy Reid panned & praised after she says she would ‘double mask’, shun indoor activities even after FULLY VACCINATED

MSNBC host Joy Reid has ignited criticism after she said she would not fly and would still wear two masks even after receiving her second vaccine dose. Critics say her stance might discourage those who're hesitant about the jab.

“I too am one vax down, but even when I get the second shot, I am too “scurred” to be out there wildin. No flying and no indoor activities for me. Nope!” Reid tweeted on Sunday.

In the follow-up tweet, the anchor noted that her whole family are “double-masking,” and that they are not planning to get rid of any of the layers “in the foreseeable future,” presumably, even after she takes the second vaccine shot required to be considered fully immunized.

Reid’s take on the topic of vaccination, that has been seen as a key to returning back to normal,  has ruffled some feathers online. Comedian Bridget Phetasy has taken issue with Reid’s message, arguing that it does little to encourage those who are having doubts about taking a shot to go for it.

“This kind of rhetoric doesn’t do much to encourage the people who are vaccine hesitant,” Phetasy, a centrist, who previously said that she’s been a life-long Democrat voter, tweeted.

Conservatives have been up in arms about the remark, arguing that there is no science behind the standpoint Reid seems to be promoting.

A commenter, who said she was a nurse, argued there was no point in double-masking. “Keep it over your nose, wash your hands, alcohol gel, and you're golden. I'm 62. You don't need 2 masks,” she tweeted.

Many, however, came to the anchor’s defence, with one commenter noting that she’s still wearing two masks after having both shots of the vaccine.

In its recently updated Covid-19 guidance, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  (CDC) has stated that people who are fully vaccinated can travel domestically and internationally without quarantining and can visit households where all inhabitants are vaccinated or not at risk of a serious illness without wearing a mask. The CDC, however, recommended those fully vaccinated to stay away from large and medium gatherings, as well as to put a mask on when visiting people who are vulnerable to complications from the virus.

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On the issue of double-masking, the CDC does recommend “adding layers of material” as a way to improve the mask’s protective qualities, including to “wear a disposable mask underneath a cloth mask.”

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