Stylish Open-World Isometric Shooter ‘Tokyo 42’ Arrives on iOS and Android as Part of GameClub

In September of last year, after more than a year of updating long-dead mobile games for modern hardware and adding them to their gaming subscription service, GameClub announced that their next phase would be to bring PC games to mobile. There are plenty of games that are well-loved on PC and seem well-suited to a mobile adaptation, but the developers of those games just don’t have the resources to do a mobile port or the ability to risk taking on the notoriously brutal mobile market. That’s where GameClub comes in. With their subscription model and a crack team of in-house developers, they have the means to bring games from PC to mobile where they can reach an entirely new audience.

The first of these PC to mobile endeavors for GameClub was the awesome point-and-click adventure game Chook & Sosig: Walk the Plank from TookiPalooki, which arrived in October. Today they’ve released the second of their previously announced PC to mobile ports, and this time it is the incredibly stylish open-world isometric shooter Tokyo 42. Here’s a trailer.

As you can see, Tokyo 42 has this really cool low-poly, retro-future style and a killer soundtrack to go with it. As the story goes, you’re just chilling one night watching TV in your Tokyo apartment, when suddenly a newscast interrupts your show to report that there’s been a murder! But it’s ok, because they’ve found the culprit… and that culprit is you! Obviously YOU know you didn’t murder anyone, but the police that are about to surround your apartment don’t know that. So you flee with the help of a friend and do what any rational person who was falsely accused of murder would do: Become an assassin for hire so you can work your way up the ranks of the underground assassin world and get back at the person who framed you. Seems like a reasonable response.

That wacky premise is simply a reason to let you loose in a mini-Tokyo as you take on assassin jobs and parkour your way around the city in superhuman fashion. That Tokyo 42 doesn’t ever take itself too seriously makes this all the more enjoyable. If you’re already a GameClub subscriber you can download Tokyo 42 on the iOS App Store here or on the Google Play Store here for Android. If you’re not already a subscriber you can take GameClub for a 30-day free trial by using this link here. A sub also gets you access to more than 100 of the best mobile games to ever be released, with more mobile resurrections as well as more PC to mobile ports on the horizon. If you do check out Tokyo 42 on mobile be sure to leave your thoughts about it in the discussion thread in our forums.

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