‘Pureya’ is a Fast-Paced ‘WarioWare’-Like Mini-Game Collection from the Makers of ‘Majotori’ and ‘Golfing Over It’

Developer Majorariatto made a pretty big impression with their debut title back in 2017 called Majotori ($2.99), a narrative-based trivia game with a choose-your-own-adventure slant and a heavy dose of humor and charm. It developed something of a cult fanbase, and then the following year on April Fool’s Day in 2018 Majorariatto released Golfing Over It ($1.99), a riff on Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy ($4.99) that replaces “lunging by using a sledgehammer while sitting in a giant cauldron" with… golfing. It tapped into a similar vein of extreme frustration and masochistic allure that Getting Over It several months earlier, but with tongue planted very firmly in cheek. This again became another love-it-or-hate-it cult hit. They followed these two up with the local multiplayer-focused game Shipped on PC and Switch in 2019.

After not releasing anything in 2020 because 2020 was a total dumpster fire of a year, Majorariatto is finally back with a new title heading to iOS, Android, and PC at the end of the month. It’s called Pureya and it’s a fast-paced mini-game collection similar to something like the WarioWare series where you’ll play through a randomized assortment of more than 30 different arcade-style mini-games that switch every 10 seconds. The mini-game designs on display here look totally wild and awesome, as you can see for yourself in the trailer for Pureya.

As is kind of expected with something from Majorariatto, it’s not simply a mini-game collection on its own and there’s actually some narrative at play here. You play as a young girl who herself is playing with toys in the living room, and upon reaching for a big bowl of marbles up on a shelf, accidentally spills those marbles all over the floor. She then lets her imagination guide her as she uses her toys to create different games in order to collect the marbles in different ways, and in the actual game itself you’ll use those collected marbles in a pachinko-style machine in order to unlock even more mini-games, skins, and more than 250 collectibles. It’s pretty dang cute and clever.

All of the mini-games in Pureya were designed with just two buttons in mind, so they should play very well even on the touchscreen. The main mode is an endless one as you see how long you can play through the shuffling mini-games as difficulty increases, but outside of that you can play any of the 30+ mini-games individually for high scores as well. Each mini-game has its own mini-soundtrack too, and they were composed by Alejandro Maciá in a manner that all the tunes will flow together and sound like a cohesive soundtrack despite changing every 10 seconds. If you understand Spanish there’s a cool video on that process from Maciá you can check out right here. Pureya will be launching on March 26th at a price of $5.99 on Steam and $3.99 on iOS and Android.

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