India cricket legend Jhulan Goswami shows her staying power – but comparison with England men’s star Jimmy Anderson provokes anger

Former India cricketer Wasim Jaffer has been criticized for a seemingly harmless comparison between India women's bowling hero Jhulan Goswami and England contemporary James Anderson, issued after Goswami tore through South Africa.

At 38, Goswami showed she remains a formidable bowler by taking four wickets for 42 runs to win Player of the Match as India thrashed their visitors to Lucknow's Ekana Stadium by nine wickets and 128 balls.

After leveling the One Day International series at 1-1, Jaffer pointed out that Anderson, the leading wicket-taker in the format for England, had not even made his international debut when Goswami first turned out for India.

The highest run-scorer in Ranji Trophy cricket praised the "mind-blowing" fact as a sign of Goswami's exceptional career, only for a critic to argue: "I know the state of women's test matches.

"There is no point comparing Anderson's longetivity and Goswami because the working standards are far apart. Just appreciate her individually. Dont talk how an apple is more glossy than an orange just because both are fruits."

Others claimed that Anderson is "the Jhulan Goswami of men's cricket" and complained that more attention should have been given to Goswami than the ongoing domestic men's season.

"There is no rule that if you watch men’s cricket you should also watch women’s cricket, in my opinion," pointed out one fan, to which another replied of India's supporters: "Then they should stop faking it on certain days.

"Cricket is cricket. I'm just looking at double standards. Even an Afghanistan vs Zimbabwe [men's] match [this week] gets more hype in India. I'm sorry, I'm done with this from our fans."

Others felt that Goswami's approach would prosper in the male sport. "She is an absolute legend," said one. "Any man with that bowling action would dominate batsmen in men's cricket, too."

Goswami seemed more concerned by her recent long-term absence through injury.

"It was pretty challenging because I was coming back after a year and playing a competitive side like South Africa," she explained.

"I was just trying to hit the ball on the right areas. I always share my mantra with all my teammates.

"The World Cup is going to happen next year. It's important for me to be fit and to play maximum number of matches."

India are looking to regain the World Cup in New Zealand after being narrowly dethroned by England in London in 2017.

Writing about her path to the top of the sport, Goswami said her team was "where my heart belongs."

"Taking up sports as a woman was seen as unusual by people around me but it was what I wanted to do," she added. "The journey was difficult but I never lost courage. Never lose yours."

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