‘A Musical Story’ is a Stunning Narrative-Based Rhythm Game Launching this Summer

You don’t typically expect to get heavily invested in the story of a rhythm game. For the most part they’re there to test your reflexes as you try to mimic playing a huge selection of cool tunes. But developer Glee-Cheese Studio and publisher Digerati are looking to go in the opposite direction with their upcoming title A Musical Story. That “story" right in the title is deliberate as the game’s story will unfold little by little as you progress. You’ll play as a character who is involved in some type of accident, and finds himself lost in his own thoughts with no memories of his life. By playing the tunes in the game you’ll slowly trigger his memories back, and thus tell the story of him and his band in the 1970s. A Musical Story utilizes an incredible art and animation style, and I’m simply in love with how this trailer looks and sounds.

I’m apparently not the only one who has taken a liking to A Musical Story’s stunning art style, as the game has also been chosen to be showcased during the London Games Festival which runs later this month from March 19th to March 28th. In addition to iOS the game will be coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One and in fact when the London Games Festival kicks off on the 19th a free demo of the PC version that lets you sample the first 10 chapters of the game will be available on Steam, so be sure to mark your calendar for that and/or add it to your Steam Wishlist. Beyond that all we really know is that A Musical Story will launch across all listed platforms at some point this summer, and once a more specific launch date is revealed we’ll let you know as this is one I’m definitely looking forward to.

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