‘PUBG: New State’ Is the Newest Battle Royale from PUBG Studio and Krafton Set for Release This Year on iOS and Android with Pre-Registrations Now Live on Google Play

Following the massive success of PUBG Mobile (Free) worldwide through its many major updates like the the big 1.0 update and collaborations like Metro Royale through version 1.1, PUBG Studio and Krafton just announced a new battle royale experience in the form of PUBG: New State. PUBG: New State is in development for iOS and Android devices and is aiming for a release this year. PUBG: New State is promising realistic visuals and massive open worlds aiming to feel like a next-generation mobile experience. PUBG: New State still includes 100 players dropping into a map using varied weapons and strategies to survive with the help of vehicles and more but there are changes to the gunplay with PUBG Studio aiming to offer a more realistic experience. PUBG: New State will also include drones, combat rolls, and more in the 8×8 km maps including the brand new battleground TROI. This game is set years after the original in 2051. Watch the first trailer for PUBG: New State below:

Unlike PUBG Mobile, PUBG: New State is published by Krafton and not Tencent Games. It is set to launch this year globally (not including China, Vietnam, and India). Ahead of the PUBG: New State release date, pre-registrations are now live on Google Play here. Pre-orders on iOS will be available at a later date. Check out the official PUBG: New State website here. It is going to be interesting to see how PUBG: New State ends up doing given the massive success of the original. Until PUBG: New State releases, you can still play PUBG Mobile on iOS and Android. Do you still play it regularly and what do you think of PUBG Mobile‘s current state compared to Call of Duty: Mobile and how that game is evolving with every new update?

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