‘One of the luckiest escapes I’ve ever seen’: Olympic skiier Maxence Muzaton dodges disaster with incredible spin at 70mph (VIDEO)

French Olympian Maxence Muzaton seemed as stunned as his fans after saving himself from a near-certain crash with an acrobatic feat while racing at 70mph, turning 180 degrees to miraculously miss a potentially horrifying accident.

The 30-year-old was competing in Sunday’s Alpine World Ski Championships when he wiped out on a turn at breakneck speed, hurtling headfirst towards the ground before rescuing himself with a breathtaking piece of agility.

2017 World Cup podium finisher Muzaton did not even take a hit as he instantly changed his footing, landed facing backwards and spun around to regain his poise.

The daredevil star seemed aware of his incredible cheating of what could have been a chilling collision, slowing down to a stop afterwards in a possible attempt to contemplate his own mortality and regain his composure.

Some viewers spotted that he appeared to be checking his legs, while most were dumbstruck by what they had witnessed. "That is crazy," said one. "So lucky."

Commentators for Eurosport were astonished. "Look at that for a recovery," marveled former British ski champion Nick Fellows. "A full 360, but he skis away from it.

"Muzaton has one of the luckiest escapes I think I've ever seen. How on earth did he manage to stay on his skis?"

Winter Olympian Finlay Mickel tried to explain: "He goes hip-down. How he lands, switches there and stays on his feet, I have no idea.

"We're not sure, still, how he's feeling. He was holding one of his knees when he stopped."

"In reverse at 70mph is just remarkable," added Fellows, spotting Austrian gold medalist Vincent Kriechmayr applauding Muzaton in energetic disbelief. "He can't believe that Muzaton is not in the safety nets."

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