FROZEN! Dutch figure skater Linden van Bemmel wows with impromptu performance on icy Amsterdam canals

Dutch figure skater Linden van Bemmel has made the most of Amsterdam's famous canals freezing over to break the internet while hoping the ice doesn't break underneath her elegant pirouettes.

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Amsterdam locals recently took advantage of the winter weather to skate atop the frozen passages of water that wind through the Netherlands capital... with varying degrees of success.

While one shirtless denizen of Amsterdam was filmed face planting through the ice - with his only stroke of luck being he wasn't seriously hurt - there was another scantily-clad skater navigating the her way rather more gracefully.

Twenty-year-old Linden van Bemmel treated passers-by to a full skating show while wearing a stunning leotard on the Prinsengracht canal in the North Holland province.

The entire spontaneous routine was captured in a session by photographer Thomas Schlijper.

Linden has skated in various International Skating Union (ISU) competitions across Europe, including The Golden Bear in Zagreb and The Challenge Cup in Den Haag and last skated at the Dragon Trophy 2020 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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