‘Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier’ and ‘Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis’ Announced for iOS and Android

Sony held their first big State of Play event of 2021 just a couple of hours ago, and one of the big announcements during that event was from Square Enix who will be bringing an improved version of last year’s excellent Final Fantasy VII Remake to the PlayStation 5 this summer. Piggybacking on that news was a somewhat surprising announcement about two new Final Fantasy VII mobile games that are in the works. Square Enix has formally announced Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, slated for release on iOS and Android sometime this year, and Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, slated for release on iOS and Android sometime in 2022.

There’s not a ton of information on either title just yet, but we do know that Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier will be a battle royale game that is set in Midgar before the events of Final Fantasy VII. Here’s the teaser trailer, which looks surprisingly awesome.

Then there is Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, which again we don’t have a ton of info for just yet, but is described as “a chapter-structured single player game covering the whole of the FFVII timeline – including the events of the original game and the FFVII compilation titles." Here’s its teaser trailer which also looks awesome.

I certainly wasn’t expecting Square Enix to announce not just one but TWO brand new mobile games in the Final Fantasy universe today, but here we are. While both titles are Final Fantasy VII related they really couldn’t appear more different from each other. A FFVII battle royale seems like a no-brainer given how popular the genre is on mobile, and some sort of compendium-style game that encompasses all of FFVII and its spin-offs into one cohesive experience also sounds like a very interesting thing indeed. Obviously we’ll keep an eye out for more information on these titles as it becomes available.

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