‘Euphemism for censorship’? Twitter permanently bans Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft for violations of ‘civic integrity policy’

The founder and editor of the right-wing Gateway Pundit website has been permanently banned from Twitter, leaving the liberal left "thrilled" and conservatives wondering who will be silenced next.

The @gatewaypundit Twitter handle belonging to Jim Hoft with more than 375,000 followers was abruptly banned on Saturday night. “The account was permanently suspended for repeated violations of our civic integrity policy,” a Twitter spokesperson confirmed in a brief statement.

Twitter did not clarify what kind of violation has become the last straw, as the account seemed not very active recently, while the conservative publication itself has long faced criticism from the left for pushing “lies” and “conspiracies.” 

“Oh shit they got my boss,” tweeted journalist and the Pundit contributor Cassandra Fairbanks. In response to 'You're next!' threats she quipped that from now on she will be careful not to wrongthing and will only tweet the opposite of what she means.

Liberals have celebrated the ban, many openly delighted while others wondered what took Twitter so long.

Some sought to justify the move, not as the latest act of “censorship” of conservative voices, but rather a sincere desire by a private corporation to “limit the spread of dangerous disinformation”.

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