Daughter of Lombardi Trophy designer demands APOLOGY from NFL superstar Tom Brady for Super Bowl icon’s Tampa river throw (VIDEO)

Lorraine Grohs, the daughter of the silversmith who designed the iconic Lombardi Trophy, has demanded that Tom Brady apologize for throwing the trophy from one boat to another during his team's wild Super Bowl celebrations.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers star Brady won the seventh Super Bowl of his glittering two decade career a week ago, and the 43-year-old quarterback's celebrations garnered almost as many column inches as his exploits on the field after the famously clean-living superstar was spotted in wild celebrations on a Tampa riverboat - apparently after consuming one or two alcoholic beverages.

Brady caused a stir online when footage reached social media showing the sure-handed quarterback throwing the famous trophy from his boat to another and it being caught by teammate Rob Gronkowski - the player who caught two touchdown passes from Brady during last Sunday's 31-9 win against the Kansas City Chiefs.

But Grohs, whose father Greg designed the iconic piece of silverware, says that Brady's antics disrespected everyone who was involved in the creation of the world famous trophy.

"I have a big history of this trophy being made by my father and it’s such an honor and I know all the craftsmen that made it when my dad was there also at Tiffany’s and it takes a lot of hard work," Grohs said.

"I personally would like an apology, not just to me and my family and the other silversmiths but to the fans, all the football fans the other team players."

Grohs also maintained that she has suffered sleepless nights since the incident - mostly, she says, because of the perceived disrespect she says she witnessed with her father's creation.

"I’ve seen this trophy being made at the factory at Tiffany’s and it’s a beautiful trophy," she added. "My father had to chisel the seams. He had to chisel the seams by hand.

"There is a newspaper article that shows him working on that trophy. The ball is hand-formed and the base is as well."

Somewhat unsurprisingly, Grohs says that she isn't a fan of the NFL - but watches the annual showcase Super Bowl game just to see the trophy being awarded to the victors.

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This time, though, she wasn't overly-enamored at what she witnessed.

"I only watch the game to watch the trophy come out," she said. "I like to see all the owners and the football players just hold it up with such pride and hold it up and show everybody and I get goosebumps. Like, right now I’m getting goosebumps."

It remains to be seen if Brady will issue an apology to Grohs and her family for what most saw as being little more than light-hearted celebrations - after all, if someone is going to toss a near-priceless piece of NFL memorabilia across a river, there probably isn't someone you can bank on doing so successfully than Tom Brady.

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