Windows 10 or Apple? How about a Linux Mint..

Linux Mint?

     I know. I'm clearly a latecomer to this Linux-based operating system. However, I've always been the guy to take the third option, when it came to these kinda choices. Considering the PC I'm currently using right now is a Windows Vista Basic in its purest form, (don't ask) this was practically the only option I had left if I wanted to continue using "Ole Glory." Thank God, she's still running faithful after all this time. You see back in January, Windows 7 was officially declared obsolete- with updates no longer being available, and those who liked 7's basic, user interface were forced to upgrade to Windows 10 or get left behind in the dust.
     For my PC, I was constantly bombarded with messages of upgrading it from a Windows 7 to Windows 10 -only to find out that within doing so, my PC wasn't even capable of running on Windows 10 capacity; leaving nothing but lagging experience to save the least. So out of those two options in the first paragraph, I chose the third option: Linux Mint! That's right. It was currently the only operating system at my discretion that had the ability to save my PC. Yes, Linux Mint saved my PC. Though there are ups and downs, my user experience with this operating system has been the best I've seen in years. The times I've spent on Linux were doubled (or even quadrupled) the times I've spent on the Windows Operating Systems I've dealt with.
     Just recently, there have been more reported issues with Windows 10 that have made me extremely thankful that I've jumped ship and swam to Linux Mint when I did. At the very least, I'm no longer concerned with having to get an antivirus software or getting frequent messages about my PC not being genuine enough for etc. So, morale of the story: when in doubt, always take the 3rd option.

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