Septet Legends: Character Profile- Xenia


     The matriarchal leader of Hestia- the Land of Hospitality, as well as Helena's elder sister. Hestia's population consists of people from all walks of life who either come to search for rehabilitation, start a new life from scratch, or to simply find a decent home to call their own. It was a land where even the lowest of the low were granted asylum, sanctuary, and three-square meals a day. If a person was in desperate need, they'd never turn anyone away. The vast majority of Hestia's population were former beggars, bandits, thieves, runaways; you name it, it was there. Due to the immense kindness and hospitality from both Xenia and her faithful followers, most of the residence from unsavory backgrounds are transformed into well-to-do citizens of Hestia who aim to spread more of the hospitality everywhere they went throughout the continent.
     After her younger sister's banishment, Xenia insisted that Helena relocate to Hestia. It was the land least likely in all of Zestria to shun Helena, since most (if not all) of the residence of that place all come from situations and background, they'd prefer no one else to know about. Initially, it was rough for Helena coming to terms with what happened both her and the Land of Eden that fateful night. However over time, the customs and teachings of Hestia grew on Helena as she eventually became an instructor at Hestia's academy loved by many of her students.

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