Septet Legends- Character Profile: Ursula


     Mrs. Little Bear herself. She's the first of the Septet Legend to be introduced into the story, serving as a personal aide to Sir Adam The Wise along with her husband, Naveen. After being forced to endure all sort heinous acts of persecution, witch hunts, and discrimination from the normal, paranoid masses, Ursula and Naveen eventually found refuge at the Tree of Knowledge, which was founded by the King of Eden's brother: Adam The Wise. There, mages were allowed to use their magical powers to serve those in need, in order to clear up the common misconception involving mages. For a time, things weren't so bad as Ursula and the other mages were able to live decent lives in Eden as long their powers proved useful to society. However, the lingering paranoia and stereotypes involving mages only allowed them to be viewed as second-class citizens at best and untrustworthy, harbingers of doom at worst.
     For the mages of Eden, things started to really go south for them when their hero: Adam The Wise, was denied the crown in order to rule Eden and outlaw discrimination against the mages. It also didn't help that the common masses started to view Adam in the same light they viewed people like Ursula and Naveen -due to his association with the mages. Feeling partially responsibly for these chain of events, the mages all decided to put together a surprise, appreciation party commemorating the great exploits of Adam- stating that he'll always be their king no matter what. This actually managed to boost Adam's spirit, as prepared to start a brand new day that night. However once that pale, sulking shadow: Lilith arrived, things became so unbearable that Ursula, Naveen, and the other mages all warped away from Eden. Only Lars remained, due to his undying loyalty to the pair. 

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