Septet Legends- Character Profile: Lilith


     Don't be fool by her chibi-styled innocence. There's a lot to this character than most (if not all) people would think to realize. Considering this is a story based on the "Seven Daughters of Eve," why not add Adam along with his first, mythical wife- Lilith, into the story. While Eve actually loved Adam, Lilith was known to be very combatant. Lilith didn't just fight against Adam, she sought to intentionally dominate him. A similar situation is displayed in Septet Legends. Lilith took full advantage of Adam the Wise's frail, depressed state to manipulate him and run his non-profit, "Tree of Knowledge" organization down to the ground, stating that Adam wasn't thinking big enough. Lilith continued her manipulation by stating that if Adam truly wished to be king, he'd be willing to do anything to achieve that goal. 
     Adam foolishly complied- allowing himself to be fully ensnared into her trap with a kiss. The pair immediately left the Kingdom of Eden to enact their nefarious scheme, as Ursula and the other mages of the "Tree of Knowledge" (except Lars) all prepared to leave Eden for good to settle their own country to live in both peace and solitude without persecution from the outside world. It was during this time in which the main conflict involving the Septet Legends originally started.

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