Septet Legends- Character Profile: Helena


     A Greek name which means "light," as well as the main heroine of Septet Legends. Of all the Septet Legends, Helena was the one, sacred maiden hated and feared by Lilith the most in this story. However in that same regard, Helena's power of healing and vitality was the most sought after by Lilith in order to carry out her nefarious scheme of reviving demonkind to enslave and terrorize humanity once again. Already reduced to a mindless pawn by his one-sided love interest, a charmed Adam infiltrated the Land of Aether's sacred shrine in order to become a devout disciple of Helena's sect. The magic Lilith cast on Adam acted as a sort of aphrodisiac which was able to instantly charm members of the opposite sex -causing unsuspecting individuals to subconsciously fall in love with the person which it was cast on. For a time, Helena nor the members of her sect were none the wiser to Adam's malicious scheme. On the night of his plan, both Helena and her sect threw Adam a celebration to commemorate him for all of his good deeds throughout the Land of Aether.
     Adam did his job to act the part. However once the festivity was over, Adam visited both the naive and inebriated Helena in her private quarters to finally enact his scheme. Believing that Adam asking for her to reveal the sacred ambrosia as an act of their relationship becoming more than just mere teacher and student, Helena foolishly revealed her elixir of life to Adam, which he snagged for himself. While Helena waited for Adam to get ready, he suddenly vanished from the sect and returned to Lilith's side to use the elixir to revive her fallen demon brethren. This in turn, resulted in a massive outbreak of monsters attacking the innocent and directly causing the deaths of the King of Eden and many high-ranking officials. Later, Helena sensed a familiar, yet ominous aura in the air and followed its scent- leading her directly to both Adam and Lilith.
     Shocked and horrified by this deliberate betrayal, Helena attempted to use her divine powers to cut down the pair where they stood. However since Adam also consumed the sacred ambrosia, Helena's powers were nullified -causing a weeping Helena to immediately flee the Land of Eden. That day onward, Eden completely vanished off the world map and was now renamed Almagest -The Land of the Imps. Humanity was forcibly enslaved in the west -causing a mass exodus heading towards the east. Zestria's Sacred Council later put Helena on trial for her blatant foolishness and inadvertently reviving demons into the world. Helena's initial sentence was absolute, unadulterated banishment -which involved her forcibly removed from Zestria and having to relocate to the furthest known, uncharted island to spend the rest of her days in isolation.
     However, Helena's elder sister- Xenia, stepped in to quail the situation and somehow lessen the sentence using proven facts and logic. Thankfully, Helena was then sentence to surrender her sect and relocate to the Land of Hestia -where Xenia's sect is located, until this demon pandemic is finally resolved. There, Helena was forever known throughout Zestria as the punished, sacred maiden who got banished from her own sect. Now, the story involves her doing everything she can to fix the dilemma she helped start.

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