The Power of a Pin

Alright! After recently getting both my Dailymotion channel monetized and website domain successfully verified, I figured out my very own, unique way of gaining ad revenue. That’s right, you’ve guessed it! Pinterest! I’m using the power of my invisible empire to promote my dailymotion video pins throughout Pinterest. And no. I’m not doing this because I’ve just received my stimulus package from this “House-Cat Flu” Pandemic. However, it will help to kickstart most (if not all) the things I’m trying to get accomplish. I just have to use it wisely. From the looks of things, my ad seems to be having a decent turnaround as far as views and clicks are concerned. We’ll just have to see how these next few days pan out. The higher the views, the higher your chances for ad revenue. That’s how it works in the war between Red vs Blue. *Cough* Team Blue *Cough.*

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