Red vs Blue Monetization

My take on the diagram above + Personal Experience

     As mainstream and powerful as Red (YouTube) is, that long process just isn’t for some people. Obviously, you won’t make as much on with Blue (Dailymotion) than on red. With the red site, there’s greater revenue –and greater risks too. My biggest turnoff about Red’s monetization process is the (sometimes longer than a) month-long processing review –with the added bonus of having a channel with 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours (minimum). Even after you’ve managed to meet the criteria, it’s up to their discretion to monetize your channel. Otherwise, you’d have to start from scratch again (for whatever reason) and reapply a month later. Even if you’ve gotten approved, be sure to walk on eggshells with the content of your videos. No copyrighted content under any circumstances. Instant video and/or channel demonetization, or in some cases video and/or channel deletion. It’s almost like Red wants specific people off their its platform.
      While Blue’s monetization isn’t perfect, it definitely doesn’t involve any of this shady, underhanded nonsense in which it all could be taken away from a person in an instant. For example at the beginning, Blue even asks you to become a partner and upgrade your channel from a basic into Partner HQ channel (for free). You just need to get a website domain in order to get both your video and website monetized. I got a blogger via Google domains for $12 per year. The process is not only fast but easy (once you figure out the inner mechanics of how to verify your domain and keep your ads.txt up to date). Even if you’re stuck, Blue’s pretty good with its customer support service. That’s saying something, considering this “House-Cat Flu” Pandemic we’re currently experiencing. Meanwhile, I believe Red’s monetization process has completely halted during the crisis and Blue’s still running strong it seems. Now, just because Blue is far more lenient with its copyright infringement than Red is doesn’t mean you can upload just anything.
      The core purpose should be to keep your videos 100% original –like the episodes of JSA: The World/Untitled Ambition I create. Keeping that in mind with Blue, your videos will definitely stay put on their platform just fine. Now, your main concern should be to promote your videos through social media well enough to get those advertisers on to your videos and website to start turning your passions into profit. There’s one lesson I’ve learned from my experience: Just because it’s popular and mainstream, doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Sometimes, you gotta walk the road less traveled to get where you need to be heading. Point in case!

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