JSA: The World now launches "Untitled Ambition" Comic Series!

The Unexpected Hero is back and now with his Faithful Partner-in-Crime!

After several months of soul-searching, we're pleased to announce the launching of our very own comic series by the name of "Untitled Ambition!" The beloved characters from the book series, "JSA: The World," will now transfer over into the new settings, events and world of "Untitled Ambition." The original character of the original, First Edition of JSA: The World are going to experience a brand new storyline focused on the worldwide conflict between humanity and dark menaces called the "pseudo."

While you would this sounds exactly the same as the original book, the setting, theme, as well as storyline is completely from the original, First Edition novel. Just how exactly? The pink costume-wearing, black-winged girl with the antennae who's armed locked with her partner in the picture above (Fidelia) will change the entire tide of the story. (P.S- She's not a Mary Sue, btw) Feel free to follow the story via Webtoons, or check for seasonal on updates this site, right here for Untitled Ambition!

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