Septet Legends Is Now Available!


 In a dystopian world filled with monsters and demons, the failed knight -Liam Weyward, seeks to take back his homeland from the tyrannical clutches of Almagest by recruiting the Seven Daughters of Eve and many others in his journey west. However, this quest isn't a simple walk-in-the-park, as the high rulers of Almagest- King Adam and Queen Lilith, enlist their demon generals to halt the plans of our heroes by doing nothing short of trying to eliminate them at every chance they get. Will our band of rejects and underdogs have what it takes to uncover the truth about their adversaries and take back the Land of Eden, or will the dark forces of Almagest prove too powerful for the strongest of pure wills to overcome? All these answers and more will be revealed right here, in Septet Legends!


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