‘Iron Marines: Invasion’ Is a New RTS for iOS and Android From Ironhide Game Studio With Pre-Registration and Pre-Orders Now Live

Ironhide Game Studio is back with another new game in the form of Iron Marines: Invasion for iOS and Android. Iron Marines: Invasion is a new RTS in the Iron Marines series launching later this year on iOS and Android promising to be bigger and crazier than ever with its 25+ campaign levels, 70 special operations to upgrader abilities, 9 unit groups, 27 different troops, 9 powerful heroes, and a lot more. This is the newest instalment in the Iron Marines series. Ironhide Game Studio also confirms there will be daily challenges and rewards, and the game will be free to play with in app purchases on Android going by the Google Play Store listing, but premium on iOS (with support for offline play). It will also have multiple difficulty modes for newcomers and veterans to the RTS genre. Watch the Iron Marines: Invasion announcement trailer with excellent visuals and gameplay below:

If you’ve wanted a new Iron Marines game, you can pre-order Iron Marines: Invasion on the App Store for iOS here for $4.99 and pre-register for it on Google Play for Android here. Details for Ironhide Game Studio’s other new game Junkworld are here. Until the Iron Marines: Invasion release date later this year, check out the official website here. The current expected date on the App Store is November 3rd, but that should be treated as a placeholder date for now. The in app purchase details are on the App Store page as well. Ironhide Game Studio has consistently had some great releases over the years, and I can’t wait to play this one. What’s your favorite release from Ironhide Game Studio so far?

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