‘Incoherence’ is the New Adventure Game from Glitch Games Launching June 30th, Pre-Order Available Now

It was just this past February that Glitch Games, point-and-click adventure specialists known widely for their excellent Forever Lost series, released their newest game Another Tomorrow. And you know, these games are a lot of work, and Glitch is just a two person studio, so it wasn’t surprising that it took Another Tomorrow about a year and a half from announcement to release. Their previous game, Veritas, was also about a year and a half from being publicly announced and then releasing on the App Store. So I was kind of programmed to just hunker down and wait a year or more for the next Glitch Games release. Except… what’s this? They have a NEW game and it’s launching THIS MONTH? What the heck is going on here? Check out the trailer for Incoherence.

So if you’re a hardcore Glitch fan already, you may have seen that they celebrated their 10 year anniversary of being a company back in January, and wrote a brief blog post detailing their history. That blog mentioned that one of their goals was to put out games more frequently, and not necessarily of the size and scope that they normally do. Hence here we are with Incoherence launching just a handful of months after Another Tomorrow. And you know what? There’s at least two other games in the works already, so as crazy as it sounds, this might not even be the last Glitch Games release we get in 2022. That’s pretty exciting stuff, as their entire library is worth playing. So if you’re excited to get another Glitch game so soon you can actually pre-order Incoherence on the iOS App Store here or pre-register on Google Play for Android here, or Wishlist the Steam version here, and look forward to jumping into this latest adventure on June 30th.

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